This space is dedicated to promote the work of the local governments participating in the Global Campaign "Making Cities Resilient: Mi City is Getting Ready". Every month, experiences on how local governments deal with risk management in the Americas will be presented.

Municipality of the Month

The risk management toward resilience in the strategic development "Creating Roots" San Antonio de Areco Municipality

By: San Antonio de Areco Municipality

San Antonio de Areco Municipality is located at 113 km from Buenos Aires City. It has around 27.000 inhabitants and stands outs for its strong touristic and agricultural business development as National Capital of Tradition. The urban zone is in the flood prone area of Areco river and is regularly affected. In 2009, the most severe flood known so far, affected 10% of population and there was not early warning and emergency response.

New authorities in 2010, start to incorporate actions oriented to risk management and resilience. All these are included in the policy "Building Roots" strategic development based in create Access to education, work, and housing for Areco´s people, especially young, to avoid migration.

Among the outstanding actions we can find:

-The installation of an early warning monitoring system for floods in Areco river basin. The system allowed the municipality to make an early evacuation.

-The development of a mobile app

"Areco Early Warning" to alert about weather and river conditions.

-Land uses codes updated at 2014 with flood risk zoning

-A Monitoring and Early Warning Center, with specialized human resources, where also there are activities for schools and public in general.

-Recently, it was approved the creation of the Municipal System for Risk Management. This improve the municipal offices organization and citizen involved and participation



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