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HFA National Reports

National Report 2007: No report submitted

National Report 2006: No report submitted

National Report 2005: No report submitted

National Platform

No national plataform reported.

HFA National Focal Point

Department of Disaster Management

Address: Deputy Governor´s Office, James Ronald Webster Building, P.O. Box. 60, The Valley, Anguilla, West Indies

Contact person: Mrs. Elizabeth Klute, Director

Phone: +1(264) 497 2926, Cell: (264) 476 3622/3623, Fax: +1(264)-497-2547


Alternative contact / technical focal point:

Susan V Hodge, Programme Officer

Department of Disaster Management

Tel: 1 (264) 497-2926 or 497-2451 Ext 2425 Cell: (264) 476-3263 (Wk)

E-mail:; (Wk)

Other contact:

Department of Disaster Management

Address: James Ronald Webster Building, P.O. Box. 60, The Valley, Anguilla, West Indies

Contact Person: Ms. Susan Hodge, Programme Officer

Phone: +1(264) 4972926, Fax: +1(264) 497-3134, Cell: (264) 476 3623 E-mail:

Ministry of Social Services

Po Box 60, The Valley, Anguilla, West Indies

Phone: +264-497-2926, Fax: +264-497-3389 E-mail:

National Disaster Organization

Disaster Preparedness Coordinator

P.O. Box 296, The Valley, Anguilla

Phone: (+ 1-264) 497-5666/5667, fax: ( +1-264) 497-2378 E-mail:

British Red Cross Anguilla

P.O. Box 985, The Farrington, Anguilla

Phone: (+ 1-264) 497-3123, fax: (+1-264) 497-2908

CDERA member:

Mrs. Elizabeth F. Klute, Director

Department of Disaster Management

Deputy Governor’s Office, James Ronald Webster Building, P.O. Box 60, The Valley, Anguilla

Phone: (264) 497-2926, Fax: (264) 497-3134


Country profile:

Official Name: Anguilla

Capital: The Valley

Population: 13,254 (July 2005)

Area: 102 Sq Km

Population density: 130 Inhab/sq Km (July 2005)

Religion: Anglican 29%, Methodist 23.9%, other Protestant 30.2%, Roman Catholic 5.7%, other Christian 1.7%, other 5.2%

Language: English

Ethnic group: black (predominant), mulattoes, and white

Government: Overseas territory of the UK

Currency: East Caribbean dollar

Anguilla, the northernmost of the Leeward Islands, is situated in an area of the Caribbean which is susceptible to hurricanes. Consisting of coral and limestone, the island lies very low with its highest point at only 65 m. Hurricanes, tropical storms, earthquakes and flooding are the most serious hazards, and several areas of the coast are at risk of coastal erosion and landslides.

After hurricane Donna hit in 1960, there has been an increase in concrete housing. Hurricanes which affected the island more recently were Luis and Marilyn in 1995 and Lenny in 1999. These resulted in flooding and landslides on coastal slopes.

National preparedness policy is carried out by the Disaster Preparedness Committee. This committee is chaired by the Governor and has several subcommittees. The Anguilla Red Cross is one of its members. A National Disaster Preparedness Coordinator oversees the coordination and cooperation between the various national actors.

National hurricane and oil spill plans were devised in the late 1990s and are currently being revised. In recent initiatives to boost the country's disaster reduction policy, the Ministry of Social Development has been working with the Pan-American Health Organization on the development of a mass casualty management system since October 2004. Also, a Disaster Management Adviser for the United Kingdom's Department for International Development started a one-year posting in May 2005 to offer support and technical assistance to implement Anguilla's Comprehensive Disaster Management Strategy which was recently approved by the Executive Council. This strategy aims at strengthening the National Disaster Office as well as integrating disaster management into national development planning.

Source: ISDR

Policies and programmes:

Physical Planning Act, 2001


HFA P1 - Institutional and legal framework

HFA P2 - Risk identification and EWS:

HFA P3 - Knowledge and education:

HFA P4 - Risk applications: N/A

HFA P5 - Preparedness and response:

Others Documents:

Status of Hazards Maps Anguilla Reports; CEDERA, October, 2003

Comprenhensive Disaster Management Strategy (CDMS): Medium-Term 2005-2009; October, 2004

Anguilla National Hurricane Plan; National Disaster Preparedness Committee, 2005

Web Links:

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