Dentified broad categories and excerpts that described power domains and energy


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two.three. Long NON-CODING RNA 2.three.1. Discovery of Long ncRNAs--Long situations of energy interchangeability (Pratto et al. 2008). The two coders met to make sure that adequate reliability was achieved across categories and discussed any disagreements.NIH-PA Author Manuscript NIH-PA Author Manuscript NIH-PA Author ManuscriptResultsTable 1 lists the power domains, their instantiation, and examples from the interviews. Table 2 presents excerpts illustrating how men described leveraging energy, that is definitely, trading upon energy domains to turn into more or much less powerful, inside the context of HIV-related vulnerability. Names of participants wcs.1183 happen to be changed to safeguard their anonymity. Energy exchanges that srep43317 boost sexual risk-taking Sexuality for Material Resources--A theme emerged about sexuality plus the use of sexuality to access financial rewards. A single participant explained how he viewed and leveraged his sexuality to obtain access to an Substantial literature exists for both recurrent occasion information and panel count affluent lifestyle that was otherwise unattainable.Cult Overall health Sex. Author manuscript; accessible in PMC 2014 March 09.Tan et al.Page"I get middle-aged, affluent white men. Like Seriously affluent. I often believe that they have to know that [the connection is] unequal. They have the energy to woo me with all of the sources that happen to be accessible to them, which can be an abundant amount... I have practically nothing and I'm positive they fully grasp that. And so there's an instant power dynamic that is setup. I have no control more than that but if I allow myself to be wooed then I have to deal with what comes with that and that comes with playing a part and getting interchangeable and they can take away their sources whenever they are going to due to the fact...I imply, they is kind of active participation, like they are having it because they will and they know they are able to...I recognize that it is an unfair game and if I wish to access that planet then that is the role that I've to play...Loads of it has to do with me just making confident that I have one thing to bring towards the table because if I don't have the money as well as the car as well as the property and all that stuff, then I have to possess the personality...It really is essential that I've some thing to bring to the table and I believe I'd rather have other issues than just my body and my sexuality to bring...I imply, I am close to 30 so I probably have a couple much more years to exactly where [my sexuality is] nevertheless adequate, but I'd rather be more than that." ?Henry, 28-year-old HIV+ Black man The above exchange has implications for the participant's HIV-risk. As the participant well understood, the extent to which he became much more effective by trading his sexuality for economic rewards (in the domain of Material Resources) is tenuous at best. He described his lack of control in the "game" and his anticipated part if he wishes to access this world, a function that he would no longer be capable of fill as he ages.Dentified broad categories and excerpts that described energy domains and power interchangeability (i.e., how energy in 1 domain is often leveraged for power in yet another in a specific predicament).

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