Five Ideal Essential Oils To Brighten Your Skin


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Essential oils are used in different skin care products because they have powerful properties that make it possible for them to treat issues to do with pigmentation, dark spots, wrinkles, blemishes and acne among others. If you do not like your dark, dull skin, you can use the some of the best essential oils to brighten and lighten it so you have even toned bright and beautiful skin. But with so many essential oils available, which ones are best for brightening the skin. purely essential oils

1. Sandalwood It is a popular oil when it comes to brightening the skin because it has anti-aging properties that help in rejuvenating dry dull skin. This essential oil will moisturize dehydrated skin and soothe it in the process. Because of the astringent properties that it has the oil will tighten the skin leaving it looking amazing. It is also a very good choice in getting rid of excessive skin oils so you have softer and brighter skin.

2. Lemon The lemon essential oil works in brightening the skin because it has astringent, antibacterial and antiseptic qualities. It will not only soothe the skin, but will also refresh it and give it a bright look instantly. This essential oil is also an amazing detox for the skin, which helps in lightening dark skin tones, improving the texture and complexion of your skin. Because of its high concentration, it is advisable to dilute using carrier oil like grape seed or jojoba. It is also advisable that you stay out of the sun soon after applying the oil because it can lead to sunburns.

3. Cedarwood The best thing about this essential oil is that it is suitable for all skin types. It prevents acne problems and keeps sebum secretion well regulated. To achieve the clear and bright skin, you can use the essential oil blended with bergamot essential oil.

4. Neroli It is extracted from citrus fruit and has refreshing sweet fragrance. The essential oil is great in stimulating new skin cell growth and in improving skin elasticity, giving you a brighter stunning skin. Its ability to reduce aging lines and acne also makes it a great skin brightener and it can be used with sage, rosemary and sandalwood. purely

5. Lavender Make a habit of massaging the skin with this oil and you will get a natural glow without much effort. You can blend with chamomile, pine and cedarwood oils to enhance results. When using essential oils to brighten the skin, few drops of the oil should be diluted with suitable carrier oil and applied to the skin using finger tips for deep penetration. The oil should then be left on for at least half an hour before washing off with water.

Essential oils when used right can do wonders to your skin. You should however always dilute with carrier oils because the high concentration can have adverse effects on your skin. About the author: Purely is one of the best sites you can use to get high quality essential oils. Purely has an exclusive selling plan of the oils and strives to make a positive difference in the lives of all customers.

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