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Therefore, it is important to identify the key influencing and intermediary factors that affect emergency department nurses�� intention to leave. Methods? As part of a larger study, a cross-sectional survey was completed by 261 registered nurses working in the 12 designated emergency departments within rural, urban mTOR inhibitor community and tertiary hospitals in Manitoba, Canada. Results? Twenty-six per cent of the respondents will probably/definitely leave their current emergency department jobs within the next year. Engagement was the key predictor of intention to leave (P?VEGFR inhibitor as the foundation for developing innovative strategies for the retention of emergency department nurses. ""mefford l.c. & alligood m.r. (2011) Journal of Nursing Management19, 998�C1011 Evaluating nurse staffing patterns and neonatal intensive care unit outcomes using Levine��s conservation model of nursing Aims? To explore the influences of intensity of nursing care and consistency of nursing caregivers on health and economic outcomes using Levine��s Floctafenine Conservation Model of Nursing as the guiding theoretical framework. Background? Professional nursing practice models are increasingly being used although limited research is available regarding their efficacy. Method? A structural equation modelling approach tested the influence of intensity of nursing care (direct care by professional nurses and patient�Cnurse ratio) and consistency of nursing caregivers on morbidity and resource utilization in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) setting using primary nursing. Results? Consistency of nursing caregivers served as a powerful mediator of length of stay and the duration of mechanical ventilation, supplemental oxygen therapy and parenteral nutrition. Analysis of nursing intensity indicators revealed that a mix of professional nurses and assistive personnel was effective. Conclusions? Providing consistency of nursing caregivers may significantly improve both health and economic outcomes. New evidence was found to support the efficacy of the primary nursing model in the NICU.

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