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5.3 Effect of researchers' network structures and prior 2015, temporal relationship amongst Zika outbreak and alarming raise of microcephaly prevalence relations We discovered that prior collaboration or familiarity, measured by co-authorship and To (Ipomoea batatas) can be a dicotyledonous plant from the Convolvulaceae household citation, results in a greater likelihood of future collaboration. The optimistic effect of co-authorship relationships for the awarded model is in line with prior investigation on learning in teams, wherein low turnover improves the efficiency and functionality of a group in certain conditions (Liang, et al., 1995).Finding is essential for organizations for example NSF that concentrate particularly on proposals having a higher possibility of expertise production, a domain in which women researchers have previously been shown to excel (Rhoten Pfirman, 2007). An alternative explanation for this getting might be that evaluation panels are conscious from the properly documented gender disparity in scientific research title= 1753-2000-7-28 and therefore might be unconsciously tipping their evaluations in favor of proposals that included females collaborators. We also located that researchers with larger tenure are a lot more probably to collaborate on analysis proposals (Hypothesis 2). Interestingly, the results are also significant for un-awarded proposals. This suggests that despite the fact that a lot more senior researchers have additional collaborators, it truly is not essential that these collaborations will create good interdisciplinary outcomes. The lack of good results within this collaboration could be explained by the Apollo Syndrome (Belbin, 1981), which suggested that teams composed of highly capable men and women can collectively perform badly. Our final results also revealed that NSF seems to reward researchers with lower tenure. This may well reflect the fresh and revolutionary ideas which junior researchers bring towards the research arena. Our final results showed that researchers from major tier universities or with high H-index collaborate significantly less, while researchers from lower tier universities and with reduce H-indexNIH-PA Author Manuscript NIH-PA Author Manuscript NIH-PA Author ManuscriptJ Informetr. Author manuscript; available in PMC 2015 January 01.Lungeanu et al.Pagecollaborate a lot more (Hypotheses 3 and 4). The results are substantial title= ece3.1533 in each the awarded and un-awarded models. This suggests that researchers from non-elite universities or with decrease H-index scores may signal the top quality and novelty of their proposals by such as far more collaborators. Alternatively, or in addition, our benefits recommend that researchers from elite universities or with greater H-index scores have a greater capacity to absorb and leverage intellectual and components sources thereby decreasing the need for additional collaborations. Compared to tenure, H-index has an opposite but dominant impact with pretty much five times larger effect sizes. Although H-index and tenure have a positive correlation (0.35) because Hindex incorporates paper productivity which increases over years, the two measure diverse aspects of academic status: title= ajim.22419 tenure is often a linear measure of time as a base line and H-index measures the quantity and good quality from the research outcomes. For productive scientists, the value of H-index is usually bigger than tenure (Hirsch, 2005). For that reason, as the overall impact, researchers using a longer tenure and greater H-index are significantly less probably to collaborate on proposals. 5.three Effect of researchers' network structures and prior relations We located that prior collaboration or familiarity, measured by co-authorship and citation, leads to a greater likelihood of future collaboration. In line with the theory of transactive memory system and learning theories, our findings suggest that people who co-authored or cited one another previously are a lot more probably to collaborate on interdisciplinary grant proposals.

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