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HFA National Reports

National Report 2007: no reported

National Report 2006: no reported

National Report 2005: no reported

National Platform

No National Platform reported

HFA National Focal Point

No reported

Other contacts:

Ministry of Labour, Home Affair and Housing

Address: 30 Parliament Street, Hamilton HM 12 / PO Box HM 1364, Hamilton HM FX

Phone: (+1-246) 297-7823 / Fax: (+1-246) 295-4780

Emergency Measures Organization (EMO)

Phone: (+1-246) 295-0011

PAHO/WHO Barbados and Eastern Caribbean Countries: OECC serves the United Kingdom Overseas Territories.

Contact person: Dr. Gina Watson, PWR-ECC, Office of the Eastern Caribbean Coordination

Address: Dayralls and Navy Garden Roads, Christ Church, Bridgetown, Barbados / P.O. Box 508, Bridgetown, Barbados

Tel: (+1-246) 426-3860/ 426-3865/ 427-9434 / Fax: (+1-246) 436-9779

Website: []


British Red Cross/Bermuda:

Address: Charleswood, 9 Berry Hill Road, Paget DV 03, Bermuda

Phone:(+1) 441 236 8253 / Fax:(+1) 441 236 8267

Country profile:

Name: Bermuda

Capital: Hamilton

Population: 66,163 (July 2007 est.)

Area: 53.3 sq km

Population density: 1241.33 hab/sq km

Religion: Anglican 23%, Roman Catholic 15%, African Methodist Episcopal 11%, other Protestant 18%, other 12%, unaffiliated 6%, unspecified 1%, none 14% (2000 census)

Language: English (official), Portuguese

Ethnic group: black 54.8%, white 34.1%, mixed 6.4%, other races 4.3%, unspecified 0.4% (2000 census)

Government: Overseas territory of the UK, parliamentary; self-governing territory

Currency: Bermudian dollar

Source: CIA/World Factbook

The islands and islets of Bermuda lie along the southern rim of the summit of a submarine volcanic mountain in the Western Atlantic. Bermuda, a group of about 138 islands and islets, lies 570 miles east of the coast of North Carolina. The eight main islands form a chain about 22 miles long, interconnected by bridges and causeways. The warming effect of the Gulf Stream makes Bermuda the most northerly group of coral islands in the world, is affected by hurricanes, tidal waves, floods, landslides, fire disasters and wind damage. The Emergency Measures Organization (EMO) brings together the combined services of Government, the utilities and private agencies into a centralized body primarily to provide information to the public before, during and after a storm or hurricane, and also to coordinate rescue and recovery efforts. The EMO sets up a command post (COMOPS) when a hurricane is approaching. In September 2006, Hurricane Florence caused only superficial damage overall. 23,000 out of 68,500 residents had electricity outages. Only one hotel was damaged, with the beach of another having disappeared.. In September 2003, Hurricane Fabian, Category 3 hurricane with wind speeds up to 120mph (200km/h) and waves up to 30feet (10m), whit damage estimates up to US $300 million

Source: Government of Bermuda / UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office/ EM-DAT


HFA P1 - Institutional and legal framework

HFA P2 - Risk identification and EWS:

HFA P3 - Knowledge and education:

HFA P4 - Risk applications:

HFA P5 - Preparedness and response:

Others Documents:

Web Links:

PreventionWeb Data and Statistic Bermuda

EM-DAT Country Profile Natural Disaster Bermuda

ReliefWeb Countries & Emergencies Bermuda

Government of Bermuda

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