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The strongest Premier League Hammer Wenger not to renew the city? Sanchez still spell Tencent Sports December 14 Arsenal 1-2 loss to Everton, but the Gunners Corps is still bright spot, of course, is through the first record to become the first Premier League this season, Sanchez Hammer. This once again aroused the British media on Wenger business model, financial management of the big discussion. Tencent Sports Members added benefits, enjoy the Premiership all the game! Click to view >>> This war, Arsenal's two frontcourt 'thigh brother', Ozil states mediocre, but Sanchez is still brave. cheap soccer jerseys for sale Overall heat map covers the front left three right way, 2 times a goal to form a goal, there are 3 threat pass (Arsenal team only 6 times), and even 2 steals and 1 defensive Intercept. Although Arsenal failed to win, but Sanchez is indeed the best fight in the field that one. The first 20 minutes, Sanchez kick before the field free kick, his cunning low shot in the wall of Williams's legs deflection, Rao is the war of the state Keqi goalkeeper Stefanburg, also unable to stop the ball arrest. Sanchez this goal, there are three sets of data worth saying: First, the recent 27 Premiership matches, Sanchez scored 19 goals and assists 8 times, participated in 27 goals, so magical efficiency once again confirmed his Arsenal thigh brother status. Again, this is Arsenal's fifth goalkeeper in the penalty area this season, the data gunman ranked No. 2 in the Premiership, and Sanchez, twice broke outside the box, is undoubtedly the Arsenal middle distance scorer. But the most important is the third set of data: Sanchez this season a total of 12 league goals, five of which are to help the Gunners break the impasse score 0-0 score, he is the Premiership first 'broken hammer' . You know, a speed breakout player, often scored icing on the cake more easily, but the stalemate in the game under the stalemate goal is not easy. Sanchez's technology, awareness and overall ability really benefit gunmen. But now Sanchez contract expires 18 months left, about his contract renewal Arsenal fans worried. Anyone who wants to keep him has to provide fertilizer, but counting bonuses and giving out contracts worth more than £ 250,000 a week is something Winkel would not accept. After all, Wenger has focused on fiscal control. Now the problem facing Arsenal is very serious: If you do not leave Sanchez, the team let go such a thigh, is clearly put to tell the world that gunmen do not have the ambition to compete for the crown, that is, compete for four each year, the Champions League qualify for the rich that is Security type team. If you stay Sanchez, it is a complete subversion of Wenger's philosophy and Arsenal's years of operating principles. Where to go? There are two views in the British media, one is that Arsenal should leave Sanchez at any cost, even if he may not be able to retain the title race, but at least gunmen through this way to silly gunmen fans (to know Arsenal fares But the highest in Europe) put a gesture, gunmen to fight the crown. The other is that Wenger can not give Sanchez a high salary, anyway, years of actual combat prove that Arsenal lack the same as anyone else, after all, Wenger will not think of the title race ... ...

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