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Named Warcraft Suggest: Learn James remodeling reputation as soon as possible Not long ago, in the NBA (microblogging) staged a long time 'warcraft' finally came to an end. Dwight Howard (microblogging) as a top free agent, giving up the hard-line pursuit of the Mavericks, Warriors, Hawks and the old club Lakers, from Zijin Legion to Houston. The face of Howard's new starting point for his career, Fox notable Bill - Wright made recommendations for Howard: learning predecessors James. World of Warcraft defected to Rockets this summer caused a series of turmoil, can not help but remind James in 2010 by 'The Decision' abrupt announcement of the move to choose to heat. There is no doubt that Howard's choice caused a huge chain reaction. Bill Wright said Kobe Bryant (microblogging) to cancel the Twitter's attention on World of Warcraft, or the Los Angeles Lakers 12 jerseys burning shirt means that Warcraft need to be like the then James, reshaping the rocket and achieved good results. World of Warcraft first thing to do is to restore their own image in the hearts of fans. James jumped over the team announced the transfer of the year to make himself a fan reputation, but now Howard's behavior not only angered the fans, but also offend his Lakers teammates, coaches and other high-level NBA team. He needs to show his best as James did. Currently, Zhan Huang is working to repair the relationship with the old club Cavaliers, and efforts to take their criticism and leave a message indifferent. World of Warcraft also need to learn from James and his efforts in Miami. James clings to the pursuit of victory, he undoubtedly has a high basketball talent, and he was very focused on improving their technology. He can humbly ask 'big dream' Hakim Olajuwon for his shortcomings in technology, he can patiently improve his 3-point all white nikes mens shooting and he's always focused on making his game better. But Howard was apparently less dedicated, or at least not as obsessed as his predecessors. However, compared with his predecessor, James, after the transfer of development problems are different. Warcraft for victory is not as persistent as the older James, and no deep hatred with the Lakers, so after the transfer, World of Warcraft does not require a very long time to reshape the prestige; but at the same time, Warcraft is not as brilliant as James, James is not as eager to win and good self-reflection spirit, perhaps his transfer process is not as dramatic as James, but he also worth watching on the Rockets new season.

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