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HFA National Reports

National Report 2008: 2008 National Report (HFA Monitor)

National Report 2007: not reported

National Report 2006: not reported

National Report 2005: not reported

National Report 2004: National Report in preparation for WCDR (2004) - Venezuela (Spanish)

National platform:

National Platform composed of members of National Civil Protection.

Civil Protection national authorities of Venezuela organized a capacity-building, training and political lobbying workshop from 22 to 24 November 2007 in Caracas, with participation on behalf of UN/ISDR's Regional unit for the Americas, in which the country’s main priority lines of action within the context of the Hyogo Framework for Action were analyzed and the legal and administrative issues needed to set up a fully functional multi-sectoral national platform were identified along with the outline for a plan of action. The workshop gathered a variety of Venezuelan government institutions while broad attention was given to press and mass media. UN/ISDR's Regional unit for the Americas provided strong guidance and inputs on the national platform discussions.

HFA National Focal Point:

Dirección Nacional de Protección Civil y Administración de Desastres

Address: Av.Rufino Blanco Fombona cruce con Rafael Arevalo, Santa Monica, Caracas

Contact Person:

Lic. Luis Diaz Curbelo, National Director

(Antonio José Rivero González, previous Director)

Phone: (+58) 212-662-7671/662-3205/0800-266-8446 / Fax:(+58) 212-662-6619



Alternative Contacts / Technical Focal Point(s):

Puntos focales técnicos / personas de contacto alternativas:

Cnel. José Luis Betancourt Márquez, Director de Relaciones Internacionales - DNPCAD - MPPIJ

Tel: +(58) 414-748-7031, 416-610-5407



Yauly Oyón

Dirección de Gestión del Riesgo

Dirección Nacional de Protección Civil y Administración de Desastres

Tel: +(58) 212-753-7999


Other contacts

Permanent Mission of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the United Nations in Geneva


His Excellency Mr. German Mundarain Hernandez


Permanent Representative

Address: Chemin François-Lehmann 18a, 1218 Grand-Saconnex

Tel: +(41-22) 717-0940, Fax: +(41-22) 723-2881



UN System Coordination

UNDG: UNCT Venezuela

UN Resident Coordinator

Mr. David McLachlan-Karr

UN Resident Coordinator / UNDP Resident Representative

Tel: +(58-212) 208-4303 / 208-4488, Fax: + (58-212) 263-8179 / 208-4372


UN Country Team

Mr. David McLachlan-Karr: Resident Coordinator, UN System

Mr. John Fredrikson: Regional Representative, UNHCR

Mr. Renato Gusmao: Regional Representative, PAHO/WHO

Mrs. Nadya Vásquez: Resident Representative, UNICEF

Mrs. Ana Lúcia Gazzola: Director, UNESCO

Mr. Francisco Arias Milla: Resident Representative, FAO

Mr. Luiza Carvalho: Deputy Resident Representative, UNDP

Mrs. Marisol Füves de Pérez: Chief of Mision, a. i., IOM

Mr. Jesús Robles: Assistant Representative, UNFPA

Mrs. María Colmenares: Liason Officer, World Bank

Mr. Eduardo Fuenmayor: Communications Assistant, UN System

Mr. Daniel Mora: Coordination Support, UN/DGO/Coordination Capacity Support


Contact Person: David McLachlan-Karr, Resident Representative UNDP

Address: Av. Francisco de Miranda, Torre HP, Piso 6, Of. 6-A, Los Palos Grandes, Apartado 69005, Caracas 1062 - Venezuela

Tel: 00582 12 - 208 4444, Fax: 00582 12 - 263 8179

E-mail: /


PAHO/WHO Field Office:

Contact person: Dr. Renato d'Affonseca Gusmão, PAHO/WHO Representative

Address: Oficina Sanitaria Panamericana, Avenida Sexta entre 5a. y 6a. transversal, Altamira, Caracas 1010, Venezuela / Apartado 6722, Carmelitas, Caracas 1010, Venezuela

Phone: (+58-212) 267-1622/262-2085/265-0403 / Fax: 261-6069; 262-0718




Latin American Economic System (SELA)

Contact Person: Mr. Javier Gordon, Program Director

Address: Avda. Francisco de Miranda, Edf. Torre Europa, piso 5, Mun Chacao, Caracas, Venezuela.

Tel:(+58-212) 9557137/9557111



Venezuelan Red Cross

Address: Cruz Roja Venezolana, Av. Andrés Bello Nro. 4, Caracas 1010, Venezuela

Tel: (+58-212)5714380/5765425


Ministry of Environment

Address: Centro Simon Bolivar, Torre Sur Plaza, Caracas 1010, Venezuela

Tel: (+58-212)408-11-11


Ministry of Education

Address: Esq. de Salas a Caja de Agua, Edif.Sede del ME, Parroquia Altagracia, Caracas 1010, Dtto. Capital, Venezuela.

Tel: (+58-212) 506-89-99 / 506-89-98


Ministry of Science and Technology:

Address: Av. Universidad. Esquina El Chorro. Torre MCT. Caracs 1010, Venezuela

Tel: (+58-212) 2103401 al 10 / Fax: (58212) 2103536



Ministry of Agriculture and Land:

Address: Av. Urdaneta entre esquina Platanal a Candilito a media cuadra de la Plaza la candelaria, Parroquia la Candelaria - Caracas - Venezuela


Ministry of Energy and Mines:

Address: Ministerio de Energía y Petróleo de Venezuela, Edificio PETROLEOS DE VENEZUELA,Torre Oeste, Av. Libertador con Av. Empalme, Urb. La Campiña, Parroquia El Recreo, Caracas, Distrito Capital - Venezuela.

Tel: (+58-212) 708-7045/7043/7044


Ministry of Health

Address: Centro Simon Bolivar. Edif. Sur. Portal Municipal. El Silencio-Caracas, Distrito Federal. Venezuela.

Phone: (+58-212) 4080000.



Foundation for Educational Building and Furniture, (FEDE):

Address: Esq Salas, Ministerio de Educación, piso 4, Altagracia, Caracas 1010, Venezuela.

Techical contact: Arq. Colomba Trotta, Conservation and Maintenance Director.

Phone: (+58-212) 5642564/5641579



Venezuelan Seismic Research Foundation (FUNVISIS)

Address: Av. Guaicaipuro con calle Tiuna, prolongación calle Mara, Qta Funvisis El LLanito Caracas-Venezuela. Apartado Postal 76880 - El Marqués, Caracas 1070, Venezuela.

Contact Person: Ing. Gustavo Malavé, President.

Phone: (+58-212) 257-7672/5153/9346/2561/(+58-212)258-0308/0693 Fax: (+58-212) 257-9977/9084/9860


Foundation for the Prevention of Seismic Risk (FUNDAPRIS):

Address: Universidad de lso Andes, Mérida - Venezuela.

Contact Person: Jaime Lafaille.

Phone: (+58-274) 2442076/2401338



Commission for the Risk Mitigation, Central University of Venezuela(COMIR/UCV):

Address: Ciudad Universitaria, Universidad Central de Venezuela, Rectorado, Los Cahguaramos, Caracas, Venezuela.

Contact person: Arq. Mercedes Marrero MSc.

Phone: (+58-212) 6052046/6052048



Environmental Integral Studies Centre, Central University of Venezuela (CENAMB/UCV):

Address: Urb. Santa Mónica. Calle Gil Fortoul. Entre Simón Planas y A. Hahn. Quinta CENAMB. Apdo. Postal 17350 Caracas 101. Venezuela.

Contact Person: Geo. Jesus Delgado MSc.

Phone: (+58-212) 693-9414/6628031/662-5938



Experimental University of Pedagogy Libertador (UPEL):

Address: Av. Sucre, Parque del Oeste "Jovito Villalba", Catia, Caracas, C.P. 1030

Contact Person: Dra Yolanda Barrientos, Dr Maximiliano Bezada, Prof. Jose Guillermo Sierra Rodriguez.

Phone: (+58-212) 864-7511 / Fax: (+58-212) 864-7977

E-mail: / / /


Research Risk Center, University of Falcon (CIR-UDEFA):

Address: Av. Ollarvides, Sector Doña Emilia. Frente a la Urbanización Los Caciques. Edificio UDEFA. Punto Fijo Edo. Falcón, Venezuela.

Contact person: Juan Murria, Director CIR-UDEFA

Phone:(+58-269) 2466349/2472431 / Fax:(+58-269)2476971


Country Profile:

Official name: Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Capital: Caracas

Population: 27.483.200 million

Total area: 916.445 sq km

Languages: Spanish, indigenous lenguages

Government: Democracy participative

Religion: nominally Roman Catholic 96%, Protestant 2%, other 2%

Ethnic Groups: Mestizo 67%, 21% White, 10% Black, Indigenous 2%

Currency: Bolivar

Geographical Description (about hazards and disasters)

Venezuela is located in the northern part of South America. Its geographical boundaries are: Caribbean Sea (north), Colombia and Brazil (south), Guyana (east) and Colombia (west). This country is a federal republic divided into 23 states, the Capital District (which includes the city of Caracas) and 72 Federal Dependencies (islands, mostly uninhabited).

Despite the fact that Venezuela is a country located on seismic area and that 80% of its population and activities are recorded on areas subject to risks of various kinds (seismic, hidrogeodinámico, geodynamic, climate, etc.), there has been no policy public or national strategies in terms of risk prevention and disaster to effectively address situations of this nature. However, as a result of landslides produced in different states, particularly in Vargas in December 1999, radically changed the picture, in terms of priority and attention that the state must give the matter.

In Venezuela, almost 50% of the states that make up its territory contains areas shaped by retroexpansivos soil, which in turn almost entirely coincide with the area of greatest population concentration and seismicity in the country, the central region - North Coastal and the Andes Mountains. In Venezuela is supporting a process that was happening in the educational system, in the sense of incorporating prevention in the curriculum and in the design and construction of school buildings.

Institutional Level:

The disaster risk reduction in Venezuela is covered by policies, strategies and regulations on the subject.

The current Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela provides risk management and emergencies such as powers of the National Public Power, as well as the Law of the National Organization for Civil Protection and Disaster Management.

Is currently taking place in the creation of a National System of Civil Protection and Risk Management as well as a proposed Act Risk Management as part of development planning.

It also has been developing a multidisciplinary and cross for the purpose of incorporating risk management and disaster reduction in the planning of economic and social development. That process involves all ministers linked to the subject (Environment and Natural Resources, and Technology, Education, Agriculture and Lands, Mines and Energy, Health and Social Development, Interior and Justice, and Foreign Affairs), plus of companies linked to specific sectors, like the water sector (HIDROVEN) and the oil industry (PDVSA), as well as other related agencies and academic institutions, such as the Geographic Institute Simón Bolívar and universities. Regionally Andean Venezuela participates in the Andean Committee for the Prevention and Attention to Disasters (CAPRADE), which has made the Andean Strategy for the Prevention and Attention to Disasters.

Coordination efforts at the national level are conducted through the National Coordinating Committee for Civil Protection and Disaster Management, which is made up of all the offices of the National Executive and that brings together all sectors and levels of government, with the participation of representation of the state governors, mayors and NGOs, as well as the National Coordinating Office of Fire and Emergency Management agencies of a civil nature. Within the National Coordinating Committee further provides for the establishment of sectoral technical subcommittees and task forces for specialized actions and measures on civil protection and disaster management.

Also highlights the work of the Technical Committee Cross, consisting of all bodies concerned with the planning of economic and social development, despite not having yet institutionalized, continues working on the identification of institutional powers and responsibilities in the management risk and disaster reduction.

Sources: UN/ISDR the Americas / CIA Factbook / Venezuelan Government Website


HFA P1 - Institutional and legal framework

HFA P2 - Risk identification and EWS:

HFA P3 - Knowledge and education:

HFA P4 - Risk applications: N/A

HFA P5 - Preparedness and response:

Other Areas:

Other Documents:

Ley de Proteccion Civil y Administracion de Desastres

Componente de Fortalecimiento de Sistemas y Políticas Nacionales de Prevención y Atención de Desastres, Informe Final, PREDECAN 2006 (489 KB)

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