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Risk management: a policy for all.

Government of the City of Santa Fe

Local management processes for risks arising from the natural phenomena or human activities require sustainable policies and the commitment of all stakeholders and the community. Santa Fe, Argentina has incorporated and implemented risk management as a state policy since late 2007. These policies coincide with the overall purpose of the "Making Cities Resilient" campaign, which encourages individuals to continue working to improve the living conditions in their community by making it more sustainable and resilient to natural hazards.

National governments, local government associations, international and regional organizations, civil society, donors, the private sector, academic institutions, professional associations, and all citizens are responsible for realizing the objectives of the "Making Cities Resilient" campaign.  For this reason, we would like to participate in exchanges that help us share initiatives and experiences with other cities and regions in order to mutually strengthen our municipalities, incorporate newly acquired knowledge into our policies and planning,  and apply best practices and lessons learned to the complex social transformation processes.

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