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Creation of a Disaster Risk Management Network in Mara, Venezuela

Members of the La Montañita community of the Municipality Mara, of the Zulia State in Venezuela, during the formation of the Disaster Risk Management Network in Mara, Venezuela. Photo: Luis Perez.


Source: UNISDR – The Americas

MARA, Venezuela September 5, 2013 -
Convinced of the need to coordinate interagency efforts to address vulnerability and disaster risk in the Municipality Mara, of the Zulia state in Venezuela, representatives of La Montañita Common Council; the Housing, Habitat and Health Committee; the Centre for Integrated Development of the La Sierrita Parish; the Barrio Adentro Module; and participants of the Madres del Barrio and Sucre social missions, formed the Local Risk Management Network of Mara.


Both because of its geographic location and weather conditions, as well as its social context, Mara is primarily exposed to floods, forest fires and epidemics caused by improper management of solid waste and stagnant water. The Municipality of Zuliano, mostly home to members of the Wayuu and Añú ethnicities, faces other hazards that may be exacerbated in disaster situations such as urban violence, as well as rodent and reptile plagues.

The Local Risk Management Network of Mara will contribute to the preventive approach to risk management from all sectors at the local level, based on actions such as the development of a risk profile and a risk management plan for the community, in accordance with the Law on Integrated Social, Natural and Technological Risk Management, enacted in 2009, which establishes guiding principles and guidelines to steer municipal powers in this area.

The formation of this local network grew out of the meeting convened by the Nuevo Amanecer civil association of the Popular Action Service (CESAP) social group and is an excellent opportunity to encourage local governments to join the Global Campaign "Making Cities Resilient: My City is Getting Ready!" promoted by the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, UNISDR, since 2010.

The meeting, coordinated by Luis Perez, Coordinator for the Economic Management Support Units Programme (AUGE) of CESAP-Zulia and Abelina Caro, National Coordinator for Local Risk Management Networks of the CESAP Social Group and promoter of the Global Resilient Cities Campaign in Venezuela, sought to combine efforts, promote a culture of co-responsibility of the various social and institutional actors and public advocacy to increase community resilience.

The CESAP Social Group promotes the formation of local risk management networks in Lara, Merida, Miranda, Anzoátegui, Aragua and Trujillo.