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Join the # 1millionVotes campaign in support of "MY World: UN global survey on priorities for a better world"



PANAMA, Panama, September 4, 2013 -MY World is a survey for all people of the world to capture opinions about priorities for the definition of the new global agenda for combating poverty in the world.

With the label (hashtag) #1millionvotes, during the week from September 2ndto 8th, 2013, the United Nations led social media actions to reach one million participants with this survey, before the next meeting of the United Nations General Assembly scheduled later this month.


Promoted by the United Nations Development Programme, the United Nations Millennium Campaign, the Overseas Development Institute and the World Wide Web Foundation, MY World is the product of an extensive consultation process and is supported by a wide variety of organizations, including NGOs, religious groups and youth movements.

Through MY World, citizens of all ages, genders and backgrounds, and particularly the world's poor and marginalized communities, may choose six policy areas (of 16) that, in their opinion, would most improve their lives. These 16 questions are drawn from the priorities expressed in previous research and surveys of the world's poorest populations, and the information from the technical and political debates on the future agenda of poverty reduction.

The Regional Office for the Americas of the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) contributes to this initiative by inviting members and the general public to participate in MY World through www.myworld2015.organd promotes this effort by sharing the#1millionvotes campaign through the social networks. MY World continues to collect opinions, and results will be shared with the Secretary-General and world leaders in during the preparations for the upcoming Post-2015 Development Agenda.