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By: Xavier Mayorga Cifuentes
Technician, Risk Management Unit of Baños de Agua Sant

The territory of the town of Baños de Agua Santa is primarily exposed to the following hazards: subject to a high or very high seismic acceleration, pyroclastic flows, mudflows, lava due to volcanic activity of Tungurahua, and landslides.

Intensive economic activity takes place along the Pastaza River, and therefore it is home to the highest concentration of villages and road infrastructure, which also constitutes an aggravating circumstance in the case of volcanic activity of Tungurahua.

Approximately 10% of the city is affected by this threat, the most dangerous being pyroclastic flows, which also affect the city of Baños. Mudflows affect the populations of Lligua, Ulba and Baños. The greatest danger of mudflows intensifies as they approach the center of the Chambo riverbed, tributary of the Pastaza River. Though It does not affect the rest of canton.

The urban area is affected by pyroclastic flows generated by an eruption of the Tungurahua volcano. The trajectory of the lahars is from west to east, primarily affecting the western zone of the canton.

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