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Source: Alejandro CABELLO
Director of the Office and Natural Disaster Prevention.

In June 2010 the city of Posadas, Argentina, implemented for the first time a Disaster Risk Reduction policy with the creation of the Office for Natural Disasters Prevention OPAD. This initiative has allowed carryng out training courses, aimed at the local communitties, on natural and human phenomena, and how to prevent their negative impact on the local development.



The courses are offered in schools, NGOs offices, Neighborhood Organizations , etc. Besides, the OPAD provides early warning services, regarding the occurrence of natural events and the risk they may pose to residents, inlcuding for heavy rain storms, strong winds, floods, fires, frost , etc. The system works very well and in few years OPAD has become the risk management reference institution in the city.

Through this unit it has been possible to coordinate the work carried out by the various municipal offices. So for instance, when a storm alert is issued, the office of public works implement actions to clean sewers and streets in order to avoid the cloging of the drainage system and prevent floods. A the same time, the response unit gets ready for attending possible victims.

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