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Source: Miguel Angel Gavidia Acosta Sub Gerente de Gestión del Riesgo de Desastres y Defensa Civil.

Rímac is one of the oldest districts in the provincial capital of Lima, Peru. The existing vulnerability is the result of process driven by past and recent urban history. The former refers to the existence of, still in use, colonial-style buildings. In the case of the recent history, it refers to the development of informal settlements on the hillsides as a result of intense migration received by city of Lima in the last 30 years.


To address these challenges, the local government of Rimac, has acted on three key issues, namely: putting in place the legal framework to avoid the creation of new risks; development of public infrastructure projects designed to reduce risk; and the implementation of disaster preparedness and response activities involving communities and local government agencies.

While is true that disasters cannot be predicted, the Mayor of Rimac, Dr. Enrique Diaz Peramas has prioritized, in the framework of his management policy, improving the quality of life for residents and "rimences" (Rimac District inhabitants). In this regard, the Mayor holds that actions promoted by the Global Campaign contribute to strengthening the community´s sustainable development management strategies thus fostering a better future for all.

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