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Carlos Daniel Ibarra - Secretaría de Prevención y Atención del Riesg

The city of La Plata has a marked vulnerability to severe meteorological events, which is reflected in the impact on the quality of life of its inhabitants, flooding and waterlogging of public and private spaces.


In this regard, the municipal government has decided to face an Immediate Action Plan for Hydrometeorological Disaster Risk Reduction underlined by 5 priorities and 21 actions that contribute to the management and mitigation of risk in a reasonably short period. "While it is true that disasters cannot be avoided, we are working to mitigate risk through scientific and technical actions and specific policy tools, encouraging the active involvement of the community," said Mayor Pablo Bruera in the presentation of the Plan. Those actions are present at the top ten essentials.

For this reason the Mayor has registered the city for the Program "Making Cities Resilient" of EIRD, allowing the people know the progress and achievements of the initiatives undertaken by the government, in order to achieve a city resilient and safe for the community.

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