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Troy Mollin
Emergency Program Officer Town of View Royal

The municipality of View Royal, Canada, is pleased to be a part of the "Making Cities Disaster Resilient Campaign".  We feel fortunate to have an opportunity to connect with others around the world and share experiences and knowledge that help improve disaster risk reduction initiatives.  Recently we participated in an exchange with Portmore Jamaica which left both municipalities a greater understanding of the work that needs to be done to achieve DRR goals.


Since joining the campaign in 2009, we have accomplished many DRR and CCA goals such as:

  • increased volunteer resources and continuous improvement of volunteer programs
  • enhanced business continuity
  • enhanced training in emergency management
  • participation in regional Emergency Management initiatives
  • infrastructure upgrades

Of note, the Town of View Royal is currently constructing a new public safety building that will provide a safe seismic facility for fire department operations and training, emergency management and community safety and education initiatives. This has been our most important priority in achieving disaster resiliency. We wish to acknowledge the efforts of our Council, staff, and volunteers as well as the will of the community in realizing this goal. 

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