Call for Good Practices 2017

Within the framework of the Model Safe School Programme Training which was undertaken in six Caribbean countries, CDEMA and UNISDR opened a call for good practices on how students contribute to making their school safer from disasters. The objective is to increased awareness on school safety among school children, teachers and parents how they can contribute to make their school and home more resilient.


This initiative is an activity under the Caribbean Safe School Initiative (CSSI), the framework to advance school safety in the Caribbean which was launched during the Caribbean Safe School Ministerial Forum in April 2017. The CSSI is the Caribbean contribution to World-wide Initiative of Safe School (WISS) and it guided by the Antigua and Barbuda Declaration on School Safety as well as the Caribbean Road Map for School Safety.


3 countries were selected to showcase their good practices in 4 schools: one in Antigua and Barbuda, two in Guyana and one in St Lucia.


Call for Good Practices 2021

In preparation to the Regional Review on School Safety in the context of Systemic Risk: The Virtual Caribbean Safe School Initiative Pre-Ministerial Forum, held in March 2021, stories of good practices that have served to ensure or restore continuity of education were collected. These where later presented during the event.
Thematic areas to be highlighted were:
  • Cooperation between sectors, between sectors and National Disaster Management Offices, or between education practitioners and community members.
  • Role of Educators in ensuring education continuity in a virtual environment
  • Innovative strategies for education continuity of preschool-aged and school-aged children delivered by the community and supported by education practitioners.

    Watch the recordings of the Good Practices here