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Good practices - School Safety in the Caribbean region

Step 1:

Identify an initiative showcasing how school children get engaged in making the school safer and more resilient to disasters

Step 2:

Create a piece of artwork showcasing how students get engaged in school safety (e.g. video, song, photo story, paintings)

Step 3:

Share your art! Add it to the web: #CaribKids4DRR and send it to: luisa.parejavillada@un.org






Within the framework of the Model Safe School Programme Training which is currently undertaken in six Caribbean countries, CDEMA and UNISDR is looking for good practices how students contribute to making their school safer from disasters. The objective is to increased awareness on school safety among school children, teachers and parents how they can contribute to make their school and home more resilient. This initiative is an activity under the Caribbean Safe School Initiative (CSSI), the framework to advance school safety in the Caribbean which was launched during the Caribbean Safe School Ministerial Forum in April 2017. The CSSI is the Caribbean contribution to World-wide Initiative of Safe School (WISS) and it guided by the Antigua and Barbuda Declaration on School Safety as well as the Caribbean Road Map for School Safety.

Download the call as PDF and the Privacy and intellectual property rules.