Initial regional workshop Mid-term review workshop Tools presentation workshop at the 7th CDM conference

Regional Workshops

Initial regional workshop
The Regional Planning Workshop for the DIPECHO 2011-2012 for the Caribbean (24-25 October 2011, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic) was an initial consultation for the implementation of the Action Plan. DIPECHO partners came together with regional and national counterparts (41 participants) to explain their actions and find areas of possible synergies, coordination and harmonization between regional and national projects, partners and existing initiatives in disaster risk reduction.

It enabled national and regional partners to coordinate efforts, program common activities and exchange experiences, tools and individual work plans to foster the harmonization of practices, work towards strengthening existing initiatives and propose common actions at the regional and national levels within the DIPECHO framework.

The Caribbean Regional Planning Workshop had the following main objective: - To share information and establish coordination mechanisms among relevant authorities, national and regional DIPECHO partners and other relevant counterparts enabling a more efficient and effective implementation of the 2011-2012 DIPECHO Action Plan for the Caribbean. - As an initial consultation workshop it sought to allow leveraging opportunities to foster collaboration among DIPECHO projects through the alignment and harmonization of their individual work plans.


CDEMA presentations

ECHO presentations
Overview Dipecho ActionPlan 2011 2012

Practical Guidelines for Project Implementation

ECHO Country profile

National DIPECHO projects

Disaster Risk management for the communities and institutions in the Commune of Gonaives, Department of Artibonite


Reducing the vulnerability of urban and rural populations in Haiti to disasters

Presence de COOPI en la Preparation au Desastres

« Project of Disaster risk reduction in Haïti» French Red Cross

‘Helping vulnerable populations and communities to manage risks associated with hurricanes and floods’

Caribbean Red Cross Societies: Saving Lives, Enabling Healthy and Safe Living

“Dominican cities getting ready” –urban risk reduction and seismic hazard awareness.

Fortalecimiento de las capacidades locales para la respuesta y gestión del riesgo frente a eventos sísmicos en las Provincias de Puerto Plata y Santiago, República Dominicana

Dominican Republic Country Document 2010

Revision,Update and Analysis of Hazards and Disaster Risk in the Dominican Republic

Regional Projects

Creating safer communities in the Caribbean by strengthening the health network

Strengthened Disaster Risk Reduction in the Caribbean at the Subregional, National and Local Levels

Tools to monitor report on Disaster Risk Reduction

2011 Monitoring progress in disaster risk reduction at local, national, regional and global level



Mid-term review workshop

The objective of the mid-term review workshop (7 August 2012, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic) was to present achievements under the different DIPECHO projects, as well as to share joint initiatives that have taken place, to identify opportunities and challenges, and to discuss recommendations for future interventions. The status of the development of the country documents in 8 pilot countries was discussed.

CDE - Pan American Health Organization (PAHO):
Creating safer communities in the Caribbean by strengthening the health network

Caribbean Red Cross Societies:
Saving Lives, Enable healthy and safe living

Office of the United Nations for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR):

Strengthened DRR in the Caribbean at the subregional, national & local level


Red Cross:
Disaster risk reduction projects in Haïti

Préparation aux catastrophes afin de réduire la vulnérabilité

UNDP Haiti:
Strengthening capacity, coordination & M&E for preparedness & response (and DRR)

Strengthening Haitian capacities for tsunami early warning and preparedness

CONCERN worldwide:
Reducing the vulnerability of urban and rural population in Haiti to disasters

Gestion des désastres pour les communautés et les institutions de la commune des Gonaïves, département de l'Artibonite - Haïti

Promotion d'un approche communautaire et différentielle sur la réduction de risque de désastres en la zone métropolitaine de Port au Prince, Haïti

Welthungerhilfe (German Agro Action):
Disaster Risk Reduction in Haiti: Enhancing disaster preparedness and awareness capacities in three multi-risks exposed communities


Caritas Dominican Republic:
Science and Community United for Seismic Disaster Risk Reduction in Vulnerable Cities of the Greater Antilles

UNDP Dominican Republic:
Strengthening local capacities for response and management of risks with respect to seismic events in the Provinces of Puerto Plata and Santiago, Dominican Republic

Plan Dominican Republic & Asabmlea de Cooperacion por la Paz:
Dominican cities getting ready


HelpAge International:
Helping vulnerable populations and communities to manage risks associated with hurricanes and floods


ECHO Partners: Visibility and Communication

Visual Identity Manual


Development of Country documents - Examples of Dominican Republic & St. Lucia

Caribbean Red Cross Societies:
Country Profile Development in Suriname, Grenada, Barbados, St Vincent and the Grenadines, and Trinidad & Tobago



Tools presentation workshop at the 7th CDM conference

Under the framework of the 7th Annual Caribbean Conference on Comprehensive Disaster Management in Jamaica (3-7 Dec 2012), DIPECHO partners present the tools developed under the Action Plan 2011-2012. DIPECHO partners will share their experiences and application of the tools.



Presentation by ECHO, Office for the Caribbean

Session 1: Country documents for Disaster Risk Reduction in the Caribbean

Presentation of common format for the development of country documents in the Caribbean

Ian King, UNDP Barbados and OECS

Development of the country documents for DRR and its application in St Lucia

Dawn French, Director, NEMO St Lucia

Development of the country documents for DRR and its application in Jamaica

Ronald Jackson, Director, ODPEM Jamaica

Development of the country document for DRR in Barbados, Grenada, St Vincent and Grenadines, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago.

Marcel Goyeneche, Disaster Risk Reduction Delegate, IFRC

Development of a Set of Criteria for the Prioritization of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Actions at National Level

Ricardo Mena, Head of the UNISDR Regional Office for the Americas


Session 2: DRR tools for the Caribbean developed under the DIPECHO Action Plan

Scientific Workshops for Multiplier Agents of Seismic Risk Reduction & Family Emergency Plan Kit

Caritas Germany: Beliza Espinoza, Programme Coordinator Caritas Germany

Community Early Warning System Upgrade (Rivoli / Thompson Pen)

HelpAge Jamaica, Jeffrey James, Regional Director, HelpAge

Safer Houses Module & Caribbean Climate Change Adaptation Toolkit

IFRC: Reynette Royer, Coordinator of the Red Cross Caribbean Disaster Risk Management Resource Centre (CADRIM)

Hospital Emergency and Disaster Response Plan

PAHO: Jeronimo Venegas, Disaster Respones Specialist

Video guide on child-centred DRR & Community-awareness-raising tools

Plan Dominican Republic: Dan Stothart, National Disaster Management Adviser

Self-assessment tool: DRR capacities at municipal level & Collective Centre Management Toolkit

UNDP Dominican Republic: Janire Zulaika, Technical Coordinator, UNDP DIPECHO Project & Jean-Philippe Antolin, Chief of Operations, International Organization for Migrations, Dominican Republic Mission