UNDRR logo

The organisation has officially changed its name from UNISDR to UNDRR - UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction

All new internal and external communication material needs to display the new name. This includes a new e-mail signature, ppt template and report covers.

Safety zone

Please note that the safe area of the UNDRR logo equals the width of the U.


Do not display the logo on a busy background. Use the inverse logo on dark backgrounds.

On the web, the horizontal version may be used in order to use the screen real estate efficiently.

The logo may appear without the full name on sub-sites of UNISDR.

Sendai Framework logo

The Sendai Framework logo should appear on all official publications and online sites. The inverse logo should be placed on dark backgrounds.

The Sendai Framework logo can be used to create sub-brands, such as the one illustrated on the left. The sub-brand should appear above the color stripe to separate it from the overall concept.

UN and SDG logos

When using the UN logo, this takes precedence over UNDRR. However, UNDRR can be used in conjunction with the SDG logo and Wheel. You can find access to the official artwork here.