Alberto Pascual

Advocate of the Making Cities Resilient campaign.

Professional Profile

A graduate of the Latin University of Science and Technology with a Degree in Management and of the National University of Lanus with a Masters in Sustainable Development. Director of the NGO Fundación CoMunidad; member of the International Centre for Sustainable Development CIDES and the Mountain Alliance. The lack of a controlled growth keeps Panama in a situation of vulnerability to disasters, coupled with the loss of forest cover due to deforestation and the absence of land use planning has led to the saturation of human settlements in floodplains and unstable areas for construction. 


Working jointly with local governments in Panama gives me an excellent opportunity to promote policies and integrate risk management as key to addressing sustainable development and making cities in our territory comply with proper planning, the role that these localities should play in the mitigation and adaptation to climate change are the main challenges that motivate me to participate as an advocate of the Global Campaign ‘Making Cities Resilient’.”
Alberto Pascual


Alberto Pascual Notes

Mountain Soil: A Key Element to Facing Climate Change with Resilience   29 Jun 2015
Approximately 900 million people live in mountain areas in the world and another large part of the population in cities located downstream who depend on vital services provided by mountain soils for food production, biodiversity, and adaptation and mitigation of climate change.