This space is dedicated to promote the work of the local governments participating in the Global Campaign "Making Cities Resilient: Mi City is Getting Ready". Every month, experiences on how local governments deal with risk management in the Americas will be presented.

Municipality of the Month August 2015

Lamas – San Martín – Perú

Strengthening Disaster Risk Management in the city: We know that prevention is a positive economic and social investment for our community Lamista

By: Fernando del Castillo Tang y Carlos Luis Paredes Paredes

"In the midst of difficulty there is an opportunity.

We are officials elected by the people to lead the process of change, we learn from our mistakes and misfortunes, looking to the future with optimism is our mission, because resilience leads to that path” Mayor Ing. Fernando del Castillo

For the Provincial Municipality of Lamas - Peru, enrollment and participation in the campaign is a great opportunity to strengthen the objective of prevention work for the multiple processes on the issue of disaster risk management.

The main objective as a provincial municipality is to promote within our jurisdiction the dissemination and promotion of the campaign. This will mean increased awareness by the authorities and the population. In 2005, our district experienced a very strong event, a major earthquake, which affected much of the population. Our work will be based on strengthening the population in the prevention system and also in developing processes to strengthen and update city planning based on resilience.

We are also working in partnership with government and private entities such as CENEPRED, Geophysical Institute of Peru (IGP), INDECI, the education sector and health sector, and developing urban projects that reduce vulnerable areas.

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