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Annual Report 2014

Annual Report

This 2014 annual report is a mid-term report on the UNDRR 2014-2015 Biennium Work Program.

It provides an update on UNDRR's five programmes: International Cooperation to Reduce Disaster Risk; Risk Informed Public Policy and Investment; Urban Risk Reduction and Resilience; Risk Sensitive Business Investment; and Climate Resilience and Disaster Risk Reduction.

2014 Contributions Received and Pledged*

2014 Contributions
*A pledge is a non-binding announcement of an intended contribution or allocation by a donor.

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Among all UN Member States and observers, political and financial support for disaster risk reduction initiatives is raised through the ISDR Support Group. This process ensures that information is shared between UNDRR and all UN Member States in the field of disaster risk reduction. The Support Group for the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction was established in 2005 to follow-up on the process of the World Conference on Disaster Reduction held in Kobe.

Funding of the Strategy Secretariat

For the biennium 2014-2015, the Strategy secretariat set a resource target of $70million to fulfil its work. In the 2013, income totaled $62.2million, a 15% increase over the previous biennium and a 96% achievement of the 2012-2013 biennial target of $64.9million. Contributions were received from a total of 27 donors. These results are indicative of increased donor confidence in the strategic direction and results achieved by the secretariat against a backdrop of global economic crisis and shrinking aid budgets. The Strategy secretariat is also working to broaden its donor base: in the biennium 2012-2013 it received funding from 34 partners, including from seven private sector partners.

Independent External Evaluations of UNDRR

Online Management Tool (e-Tool)

UNDRR is using a web-based e-Management Tool (e-Tool) to facilitate the implementation of UNDRR Strategic Framework and Biennial Work Programmes. The tool helps UNDRR in managing and tracking progress against its work programme, finance and projects on periodic basis.

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