This space is dedicated to promote the work of the local governments participating in the Global Campaign "Making Cities Resilient: Mi City is Getting Ready". Every month, experiences on how local governments deal with risk management in the Americas will be presented.

Municipality of the Month March 2015

Nocaima, Cundinamarca, Colombia

By: Amparo Garzón Cifuentes

Diana Carolina Bohórquez Galindo
Environment and Disaster Risk Management Coordinator Alcaldia de Nocaima


For the municipality of Nocaima, Cundinamarca - Colombia, participation in the campaign is an opportunity not only to raise awareness of our ongoing efforts against to build resilience in our population, but also an opportunity to share knowledge and actions to strengthen our work in Nocaima´s community.

As a result of Nocaima’s participation in this campaign, we have been able to interact with other municipalities in Colombia, primarily those affected by events like the 2010 -2011 rainy season, which were able to overcome the impact of disasters in their territories. This has helped us to understand the best solutions for our needs and to identify specific elements of the National Risk Management System that successfully guide an early response for the affected community; as well as to promote the Risk Management culture  in our community.

In addition, we presented our project at the Fourth Session of the Regional Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction, held in Guayaquil on 27 May of this year, which will further strengthen our image as a municipality that is aware and interested in the construction of resilience in our territory. It has also allowed us to see first hand experiences of institutions and territories that have made significant progress in addressing this issue. More than just role models to follow, they have become important allies in our process.

Quote from the Mayor 

“If I know and participate, I am less vulnerable.

As we empower communities to achieve, they become protagonists of their solutions.

We, as authorities, will only be facilitators of the process.

Working Together, we will be an example of resilience.”


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