Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico: City 3000 World Cities Resilient Campaign, releases multi- threat warning system


Source: Municipio de Tuxtla Gutiérrez.

Edited by: UNDRR – The Americas.

TUXTLA GUTIERREZ, Mexico; 30th of December 2015 – After the constant earthquakes that have occurred in this city located southeast of Mexico, Tuxtla Gutierrez 's government announced that it has come up with a system to provide greater security and confidence to families through Project Early Warning System multi- threat called "Red alert Multi 360”.

The system consists of the installment of two multi - warning towers have a range of 1.5 kilometers in radius and are currently being installed in the building of the Palace of Government and the judiciary , along with speakers that operate from simultaneous repetition buildings that house state agencies such as City Hall and the Chiapas System Radio, Television and Film, among others.

The system will be monitored constantly, through the Emergency Operation Center (EOC) of the Department of Civil Protection. Thus, it will provide an alert report to the community which will require activating emergency protocols, evacuation, withdrawal, depending on the type of phenomenon expecting a timely reaction that will provide security and confidence.

It is worth noting that the Chiapas state capital with a population of about 540,000 inhabitants, this month became the 3,000th municipality to join the World Campaign "Making Cities Resilient: My city is getting ready" driven by The United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction since 2010 which will run until 2020. In addition, thanks to the work of the Institute for Integrated Risk Management of Chiapas and the support of the Campaign promoter Mexico Benjamin Laniado, Chiapas now has 6 municipalities registered to the campaign and another 35 in the process of joining it.

Of the 3,000 cities participating in the campaign globally, Tuxtla Gutierrez will be accompanied to the path to resilience by the 1,273 municipalities in the Americas registered in the campaign and in line with the provisions of the Framework Sendai Reduction Disaster Risk 2015-2030 adopted by Member States of the United Nations in March.

According to official sources, the operation of the "Red Multi alert 360 " and its enrollment in the Global Campaign is a result of the strong conviction of local government to strengthen actions to make the city a safer, modern and resilient place and it represents an opportunity to encourage the implementation of policies aimed at reducing disaster risk.


The Sendai Framework and the Resilient Cities Campaign.

Sendai Framework is a voluntary, non-binding agreement covering a period of 15 years, which recognizes that while States have the primary function of reducing the risk of disaster, it is necessary to share this responsibility with other stakeholders, such as local governments and the private sector. The Framework seeks to achieve the following results:

The substantial reduction of disaster risks and losses caused by them, in lives, livelihoods and health, as economic, physical, social, cultural and environmental assets of individuals, companies, communities and countries.

The World Cities Resilient Campaign focuses on increasing political commitment to disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation among local governments and mayors; addressing issues of local governance and urban risk and using media and public awareness activities and developing high profile specific technical tools that respond to capacity.

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