UNDRR and CorpoRiesgos sign Partnership Agreement to promote the Global Campaign for Resilient Cities a contribution to the implementation of the Sendai Framework 2015-2030

The document was signed in Panama by Ricardo Mena, Head of the UNDRR Regional Office for the Americas and Amparo Velasquez, Executive Director of CorpoRiesgos. Photo credit: UNDRR – The Americas.

By: CorpoRiesgos Communications Office.

Edited by: UNDRR – The Americas.

PANAMA, Panama August 28, 2015 - The United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) and the Colombian NGO Corporation for Risk Management - Solidarity Fund (CorpoRiesgos), have recently signed a Collaboration Agreement to strengthen efforts for the promotion of actions aimed at reducing the risk of disaster and building resilience at the local level in Colombia. This initiative is aligned with the work carried out by the Colombian disaster risk management authorities. Under the agreement CORPORIESGOS will promote the adoption of the Global Campaign "Making Cities Resilient" as one of the instruments to localize the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030. The beneficiaries of this initiative will include local authorities, grass roots organizations and private sector businesses in Colombia.

According to the study "Analysis of disaster risk management in Colombia: a contribution to the creation of public policies" (World Bank, 2012), “Cumulatively, over the past 40 years, disasters in Colombia have caused losses amounting to US $7.1 billion”. The same studies indicate that the country, also experiences a growing vulnerability to natural hazards such as floods, landslides and torrential rains, mainly due to human intervention. “One fourth of the emergency/disaster events and deaths of the previous decade were reported” from 2010 to 2011 alone.

Through this Agreement, the UNDRR and CorpoRiesgos seek to promote the exchange of best practices for the development of resilience between local governments, public and private sectors, Role Model cities, champions, partners and advocates of the Global Campaign “Making Cities Resilient: My City is Getting Ready!”. Furthermore, this agreement looks for the design and implementation of capacity development programs, targeting governments and individuals at the local level, to present the Campaign as tool of the Sendai Framework adopted this year by the Member States of the United Nations. An important tool in this process is the "Lecture on Resilient Territories" developed by CorpoRiesgos,

“The support and recognition given to CorpoRiesgos, the first NGO in Colombia to sign an agreement of this kind with the UNDRR, provides an impetus to the entity and will lead to an even greater commitment to the construction of resilience in the territories,” stated Amparo Velázquez, CorpoRiesgos Executive Director.

It is important to note that for 16 years, CorpoRiesgos has actively contributed to the strengthening and development of strategies for the prevention and reduction of disaster risk in Colombia, and has promoted the enrolment of 16 Colombian municipalities in the Global Campaign for Resilient Cities, promoted by UNSIDR since 2010.

In turn, CorpoRiesgos promotes the strengthening of capacities for the construction of community resilience through direct work with families, community groups, grassroots organizations and public and private institutions at the local level, as a vehicle to facilitate the creation of opportunities for consultation and dialogue between social actors.

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