USAID/OFDA and local organizations join forces for a more resilient region

Regional USAID/OFDA Office staff in the meeting with Disaster Relief Officers of the American Mission. Photo credit: Ricardo Herrera USAID/OFDA

By: UNDRR – The Americas

PANAMA, Panama, 08 June, 2015 – This month, the United States Agency for International Development/Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance Abroad (USAID/OFDA) newsletter highlights the programmes implemented in the field in Latin America, in collaboration with local programmes and in preparation for the hurricane season.

This year, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) forecasts a below-normal hurricane season in the Atlantic. On May 27, NOAA predicted that there will be up to 11 named storms this season, 3-6 of which would become hurricanes, and up to 2 major hurricanes. Each year, the USAID/OFDA Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) prepares for the following season by maintaining a network of 382 local consultants with expanded capacity located throughout the region and with an extensive inventory of emergency supplies.

In preparation for the hurricane season and to establish relations, USAID/OFDA in San Jose hosted a meeting of representatives in the region on the  6th and 7th of May, attended by representatives of 13 countries. Disaster relief officers of the American Mission (MDRO) play a key role in this effort. The experience was enriched by open discussions between MDRO and USAID/OFDA representatives, resulting in a fruitful exchange of knowledge through which both organizations will be strengthened.

The newsletter also highlights USAID/OFDA support for the project “Access to inclusive and safe education for adolescents and youth with disabilities" since October 2014. In conjunction with the Panamanian Institute for Special Training (IPHE) and the RET NGO, the program aims to strengthen the capacity of the educational community in order to increase their resilience and ensure an inclusive and safe education even in emergency or disaster situations.

This project will benefit more than 3,700 children, adolescents and youth with disabilities, 200 teachers, 60 staff members and 60 community leaders regarding to their roles in disaster risk reduction due to its inclusive approach.

To achieve its objectives, the project includes a variety of activities on disaster risk reduction, inclusive education and disability, such as awareness and mobilization campaigns, educational workshops and publication of the "Guidelines for Comprehensive Disaster Risk Management in Inclusive Education Centres”.

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