This space is dedicated to promote the work of the local governments participating in the Global Campaign "Making Cities Resilient: Mi City is Getting Ready". Every month, experiences on how local governments deal with risk management in the Americas will be presented.

Municipality of the Month May 2015

Manaus, Brazil:
Resilience when facing disasters is part of the cultural change

By: UNDRR The Americas

Source: Mário Aníbal Gomes da Costa Júnior
Secretário Executivo de Proteção e Defesa Civil
Prefeitura de Manaus

For the city of Manaus, Brazil, its participation in the campaign is seen as an opportunity to strengthen the work of reducing the risk that the municipality anticipates and to exchange experiences with stakeholders at national and international level.

In the words of the mayor of Manaus, Mr. Arthur Virgilio Neto Ribeiro do Carmo, where "Community Defenders are based on the principle that no government has the ability to resolve all the issues that may affect the community. Therefore, it is imperative that people, who cooperate with the governmental authorities, do so in their own interest, so that different issues that concern them can be affected by that change".


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