This space is dedicated to promote the work of the local governments participating in the Global Campaign "Making Cities Resilient: Mi City is Getting Ready". Every month, experiences on how local governments deal with risk management in the Americas will be presented.

Municipality of the Month July 2015

Duran, Ecuador, Regularizing informal settlements to ensure the “Buen Vivir” or “good living”

By: UNDRR - The Americas.

Source: Gonzalo Pizarro, Director of Development
Gonzalo Menoscal, Director of Risk Management


In the words of the mayor of the municipality of Duran, Ecuador, Alexandra Arce Pluas: The participation in the Campaign is our commitment to strengthening our capacities (technical, social and cultural), to address climate change, to be a resilient territory and to achieve a replicable process in others cities to ensure “Good Living”, so that it may be carried out under similar conditions and with similar objectives.

This network will provide results that will address environmental, social and economic issues; it will release resources for sustainable and resilient city growth. Climate resilient development is the cornerstone that can be achieved with areas of low/middle population, a global understanding of political, economic and resource barriers will provide a unique opportunity for developing an efficient communication platform and updated data analysis. This will provide national actors with important data to support national policy decisions, making adapted to a compatible development climate. Improvement of both horizontal and vertical communication/cooperation will be part of our commitment.

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